We have been growing celery on Tarleton Moss since 1965. As a crop it is well suited to our peaty soils and mild climate, as celery needs a very high quantity of water to enable it to grow and water retention is one of the main characteristics of peat soil.

Initially white celery was the only type grown and here in Lancashire we have a rich history of developing new celery varieties. The county was the home of the famous Lathom Self Blanching variety, which was the main white celery grown for many many years.

However over the years the variety choices have changed, generally there is now very little self blanching (white) celery grown commercially due to changes in customer demand for the better taste and appearance of green celery. We now grow 100% green celery, primarily three different varieties to suit the changing weather conditions over the planting and harvesting periods and the customer specifications. We continue to trial new varieties in order to view their suitability for us and are heavily involved in celery breeding and screening trials.

The celery we grow is for wholehead and celery hearts. The celery specifically grown for the production of celery hearts is done so by planting at closer spacing than we plant for wholehead production.

Our outdoor harvesting season is from the end of May through to mid November. Celery is harvested using self propelled harvesting rigs, which we design and build in our own workshop. The celery is cut then flow wrapped into individual customer packaging and packed into plastic trays on our own built and designed harvesting rigs in the field and then taken to the yard for dispatching to our customers.

More Information?

If you would like more information on our Celery crop please telephone 01772 812704 or email office@wrightfarmproduce.co.uk.


Our Distribution Process

In addition to our field operations we also have a distribution centre where all the produce harvested in the field is delivered to. From here the produce is vacuum cooled within 2 hours of harvest and kept in refrigerated conditions to maintain field freshness.

Quality Control

Quality Control check the quality of all produce entering the building to ensure the produce in the best possible condition for our clients specifications.


Produce is vacuum cooled within two hours of
harvest and kept in refrigerated conditions to maintain field freshness.


The produce is then distributed from here to our customers located throughout the United Kingdom.