Chinese Leaves

Used for both salads and cooking, mainly in stir fries Chinese Leaves have been increasing in popularity over the years. We began growing Chinese Leaves (or Chinese cabbage as they are sometimes referred to) in the early 1980’s as a response to customer requests.

As a crop Chinese Leaves are difficult to grow as they are susceptible to a wide range of pests and diseases and without sufficient water are likely to suffer from heart rot and a variety of nutrient deficiencies. With our peaty soils which have significant water reserves we are able to grow this crop more successfully.

We tend to use two main varieties which have proven track records for producing quality cabbage matching our customers’ requirements. We do however continue to work with seed companies in carrying out trials of new and existing Chinese Leaf varieties.

As with our other crops Chinese Leaves are harvested with purpose built self propelled harvesting rigs and are field packed before being taken to the yard for dispatch for customers. The harvesting period for Chinese Leaves is the end of May to mid November.

More Information?

If you would like more information on our Chinese Leaves please telephone 01772 812704 or email

Chinese Leaves

Our Distribution Process

In addition to our field operations we also have a distribution centre where all the produce harvested in the field is delivered to. From here the produce is vacuum cooled within 2 hours of harvest and kept in refrigerated conditions to maintain field freshness.

Quality Control

Quality Control check the quality of all produce entering the building to ensure the produce in the best possible condition for our clients specifications.


Produce is vacuum cooled within two hours of
harvest and kept in refrigerated conditions to maintain field freshness.


The produce is then distributed from here to our customers located throughout the United Kingdom.